A message from Amelia

From where it all started…

When I launched ByAR last November, I had no idea how things would go. I had tested the product for 18 months and I knew that I loved them, but I was so nervous to finally see what others thought. I had the photos, the website, the support from my family and friends.. I just had to find the confidence! Typical imposter syndrome reared its ugly head, and I couldn’t help think of the worst.

Was there a market for the product? 

I think they are pretty, will there girls? 

I’m not a professional athlete- who will listen to me? 

Will they like the rose gold? 

Is it weird to have my name as my brand? 

Do I need to be an influencer to have a successful product business? 


… to where we are now

Well, exactly 4 months since our launch date, I can safely say that these thoughts have been replaced with nothing but appreciation and gratitude.

We have  #ByARGirls across 4 countries

We have 4 unique patterns

We have 4 awesome products (that i can’t wait to share with you all!)

And while ByAR is still in it’s infancy, I can’t help but feel so proud of the small community of strong women that have come together to empower, inspire, motivate and cheer each other on. We have girls from every discipline I could ever imagine. Heck, we even have some #ByARGuys!  Personally, I have you all to thank for helping me realise my passion for supporting women in fitness. As you already know by now, this has always been something I love, but for a long time I lacked the confidence and the know how. Growing up in a town of only 1000 people, I couldn’t  imagine that one day that same number of people would be following an Instagram page designated to my namesake brand.

about by amelia rose


I’ve said it many times and I will say it again. Thank you for your support, for sharing my passion and for helping bring to life the brand of my dreams.

Amelia xx  



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