April #ByARGirl

When described by her friends as strong willed, Jasmine would say stubborn. But this humble go-getter is more than that. Her passion and resilience are the reasons why she has achieved what she has, and is continually pushing for more. By the end of this blog post, I am sure you will also be adding inspiring and strong to your description of our April #ByARGirl Jasmine.

Jasmine is a 25 year old with a passion for strength training. She quietly flaunts her strength at Snap Fitness, Toowoomba. While Jas has, for good reason, celebrated three massive milestones- 100kg squat, 115kg deadlift and 50kg bench press; it hasn’t always come easy.

From the outside in, it is often easy to celebrate someone’s wins, whilst neglecting the hardships overcome in achieving them. At ByAR, we are all about celebrating people for who they are and all that they have done to get there. Jasmine is an open and honest role model for those with anxiety and or depression, having struggled with both for close to a decade now. Yes, she is proud of her ‘big 3’, however she is equally proud of reaching a place in life where she enjoys herself, pursues her goals and most importantly feels the more herself.

“My mental health has always been a challenge, but I’m learning to work with myself, which is a whole new challenge.”

Jasmine was the winner of our most recent competition and now has a ByAR Belt named after her! 

For only 25 years old, this girl is wise beyond her years. Whether you describe it as stubborn, strong willed or simply just competitive, Jasmine has (in the past) pushed her body beyond its limits. But rather than labelling these as failures, the reworks them into learnings and now appreciates the importance of slowing down and moving with intuition and purpose.

“I’ve found that deadlifting fortnightly as opposed to weekly has been the sweet spot. The current goal is to strengthen my glutes and lower back and get back to weekly deadlifting sessions.”

While her mindset certainly puts Jasmine in good stead for a successful, healthy life, it seems that she may have genetics on her side too! When asked who her health and fitness inspiration is, Jasmine proudly answered her Dad.

“My Dad. Not only is he the one who introduced me to lifting, but he’s also the fittest 48 year old I know.”

Inspiration can only get you so far, but it is the motivation and discipline that keeps you going. Jas attributes hers to the impact that strength training has had on her health. Yes, it has helped her gain confidence in her physical strength, however most importantly, it has been a godsend for her mental health. Jasmine explained that  Training has been a lifesaver (literally!) for me‘ .

Clearly, Jasmine is a force to be reckoned with, but she won’t stop there! Overcoming physical and mental battles to become the incredibly strong and supportive woman she is today is not enough. 2021 will see Jasmine hitting reps at 100kg for her squat, a 70kg bench PB and a 130kg deadlift. She thinks this is ambitious, but we all know it is not a matter of if but when!

Thank you Jasmine for sharing your story with us. If you want to follow along to see what she achieves next (and to check our her new purple Jasmine belt) you can find her on instagram @jaschee. We are so proud to have a community of such amazing women from all across Australia, New Zealand, America and Bali. We hope that your stories will continue to inspire each of you, as much as they are us.

Happy lifting and happy easter!

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