KELLY - Fierce & fiery

While she may appear reserved on the outside, get to know Kelly a little more and her fierce and fiery nature will shine through. Her passion for life and is contagious and she is excited by any opportunity to grow, improve and empower. She is the girl in the gym correcting a newbies technique without them even asking. She is sharing equipment at peak hour. Kelly doesn’t care where you come from or if your shoes match your socks; she is there to work out and supports other girls with dreams as big as hers!

EMILY - Flirty & fun

Flirty and fun, Emily exudes all things feminine. On weekends, you will find her catching up with her girls, sipping on rose by day and dancing, friends in tow by night. While her social prowess may win over some Instagram likes, it is her finesse in the gym that really draws people’s attention. Yes, her outfits and impeccable and yes, her nails somehow remain flawless but don’t be fooled. She will get her hands dirty if it means a new deadlift PB & her hair will always come second to an intense plyo workout.

STEPH - Natura & refined

When you google Stephanie, 3 words pop up: natural, wholesome & refined. This was no surprise to us- we know she is this (and a whole lot more!). It does explain, though, how such classic and understated taste could come so naturally to her. Stephanie is driven, determined and definitely one to watch. Constantly exceeding her coach’s expectations, she was born to lift. While she will work her butt off all week, Stephanie knows her limits. In her
downtime, she loves nothing more than to zen out in nature with friends. Google, if you need another adjective for Stephanie we have it here- balance.

JASMINE - Resilient & determinant

With the world spinning out of control and the future looking a little dull. Jasmine is the colour that every ByAR Girls needs in their life. She shows her resilience and determination by shining through the tougher times that the world has experienced lately. No gym- no worries! ‘Excuse’ is not a word in Jasmine’s vocabulary and she shares this vision with all of those closest to her. Her passion for health and fitness, coupled with her kind-hearted nature, makes Jasmine a girl everyone wants around!

LUCY - Smart & humble

We all know that girl. She is smart but humble; Beautiful yet kind.
She is strong and supportive; Driven but calm. Lucy epitomises these contrasting qualities. She is subtle on the outside but full of life on the inside. She is the kind of girl who knows what she wants and works hard for it with an air of grace. She is classic and timeless; however, she isn’t afraid to stand out-and for all the right reasons. No matter your goal, Lucy is your number one supporter. She will always be in your corner, reminding you to always reach for the stars.
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