By Amelia Rose, Cami design – Cami exudes colourful chaos in all the right ways. She is the energy you need when the last thing you feel like doing is working out. With her animalistic strength and inconceivable energy, Cami makes the perfect training partner- morning, noon or night. She always brings the fun and empowers her besties with the self-belief that every woman deserves. While she initially appears strong and confident, Cami also proudly radiates femininity and sensuality. Just like your favourite song or a fine wine, you and everyone she knows, can never get enough Cami in your life!

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    Cami Weightlifting Leather Belt –

    Perfect for the everyday gym girl and the Olympic lifter. Our standard belts are 4inches at the back tapering to 2 inches and 6mm thickness. They have a padded lumbar back, with the classy By AR logo imprinted into the leather.

    Held together with a gold dual prong clip and they don’t only look good but are super strong and durable.

    Topped off with rose gold logo embroidery, these belts are head turners!


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