February 2021 #ByARGirl

Another month on and our community has grown into an incredible group of strong and confident women, who constantly not only inspire me, but each other! This month, I have been witness to 4 deadlift PBs- all in their beautiful By Amelia Rose weightlifting belts.

A ByARGirl is fearless in her training, kind in nature, inclusive and supportive to other women and a proud representative of the By Amelia Rose brand. Our February ByAR Girl, Shayna is a petite powerhouse! She wears her By Amelia Rose Emily belt with pride and is always supportive of our designs, products and most importantly, of our girls!

Despite getting closer and closer to her FIRST EVER IFBB competition, this 24 year old Brisbane local was kind enough to answer a few questions throughout the week to help us get to know her a little better!

My friends would best describe me as:

‘My friends all call me pocket rocket but I’m the smallest of the group with a big heart, determined and positive.’

You can find me on instagram at: @shaynafit96

Coach: Sean Hobbs, @seankhobbs in Instagram 

Federations competed in:Yet to compete but soon to be IFBB’ 

Biggest health and fitness achievements: ‘Hitting all my training goals within 6 months of getting a coach – 100kg deadlift, 80kg squat, 10 x bw pull ups.’

Most difficult health and fitness challenges: ‘Health wise dealing with/overcoming constant migraines, vertigo and insomnia & with that increased anxiety but within my fitness I used to panic under a heavy load due to a lot of that, now my breathing and brace work is ten times better and I’m lifting more than I ever thought I could. I’m also quite hyper mobile also, so I’ve had a lot pain niggles due to weak joints which limited eg. my grip strength and training progression.

Health and fitness Inspo: ‘This might sound odd but I don’t actual have any said inspo. I’ve never wanted to look or be like anyone else, I’ve always embraced the fact that I am unique. Never said I need to look like “her” or anyone in particular. I’ve always wanted to be me. 

However, in person inspo would be my partner @sammypincott He inspires me a lot seeing him walk out of hospital a day after spinal surgery and the strength he uses everyday to be better and stronger but also my entire fitfam who always push each other but always take the piss too.

Motivators for training‘Making every moment count because it’s only you that can do the work and make the change. It’s you and that’s it.’

Current health and fitness goals: ‘Going way out of my comfort zone and compete in my first bodybuilding comp and seeing what I’m truly capable of.’ 

Future health and fitness goals: ‘Seeing what I’m truly capable off and always improving in my training. I’d love to squat 100kg for 1.. It is a bit bold of me. But I got the deadlift!’   We believe in you girl!

So there you have it- another incredible #ByARGirl inspiring our community and smashing her goals! Best of luck, Shayna, in your upcoming competition!

While only our ByARGirl of the month gets an online feature, we love sharing you ALL with the world. If you want to be featured on our instagram, text a photo of yourself with or wearing your ByAR belt to 0438162677 and make sure you message us on instagram to let us know who we need to tag! Thanks again for all of the love. If today is anything to go by, 2021 is going to be nothing short of incredible!

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