Get to know our ByAR founder

Hey girls!

I wanted to start by saying a huge thank you to each and every one of you who are helping to make my dream become a reality! The pace at which the ByAR community has grown since our humble launch in November last year never ceases to amaze me. It is absolutely true what they say; When you buy from a small business, there is a person at home doing a  happy dance. I won’t lie, my dance skills may be lacking, but i’d like to think that my enthusiasm and appreciation certainly makes up for it. My boyfriend disagrees..

The thing is, the more beautiful girls who buy a ByAR belt, the more inspired myself and our design team are to continue to deliver stunning, unique styles and products.

As our little community of fellow rose gold lovers grows, I am privileged in getting to know more and more of you! In return, it is only fair that you can get to know me a little more too. Last week I shared a Q+A story and was overwhelmed with the amount of responses. I will absolutely get to answering these via instagram, but I thought it might be worth nothing somewhere a little more permanent for the sake of reference.

Where is your business based? 

By Amelia Rose is proudly a Gold Coast based company.

Why weightlifting belts? 

Three years ago now, my boyfriend bought me a voucher for a custom weightlifting belt. I had been borrowing one of his old belts and had put holes in it with a screwdriver to help it fit so I was understandably so excited to receive the voucher. I started the design process, knowing exactly what i wanted in mind. When it came to the buckle, rose gold wasn’t an option. I couldn’t believe it, $500+ for a belt and I couldn’t get what I wanted. Instead, I refunded the voucher, took that money and found the best graphic designer there is (Graphics Lab GC) and ByAR was born.

How to know what type of weightlifting belt to buy?What is your favourite design? 

This question actually came up a lot and believe me when I say, they all have been at some point.

First, it was the Emily. The white belt, rose gold buckle and pink marble combination was everything I could have dreamed of.

Stephanie was next to be my favourite. The versatility of the black, the pop of colour on the inside and the shine of that buckle is perfect.

The Kelly wasn’t initially my favourite but over time grew to be. She is unlike any belt I have ever seen before. I wear a lot of black in the gym and the tan just stands out in al the right ways. It’s a classic leather colour that wears well. Even after 2 years of wearing mine, it just gets more and more beautiful.

What kind of exercise do you like? 

I think it is more of a question of what exercises DON’T I like. I was a super active kid so sports and exercise seems to be in my DNA. I grew up doing surf lifesaving and surfing, athletics, swimming and in my later school years, cross country and hockey.

More recently, as an adult, I have found a love for the gym and feeling strong. The last few months, I have been going to Burleigh Barbell for an olympic lifting session, but most often I follow the guidance of my incredible coach Liam Bygott. After two failed bikini comp preps, the patience that this guy has with me is beyond my comprehension.

I like to run half marathons and the occasional marathon. I teach and enjoy pilates, and teach other physiotherapists how to incorporate it into their clinical practice. I walk the dog most days and over the last few weeks have started swimming training in the lead up to my first triathlon in may. Socially, I enjoy my Monday morning surfs with the real life Emily, Stephanie & Kelly (when she can).

Why do you use a belt if you’re not competing?

While I was in year 12 I injured my back for the first time, requiring surgery. I then was scared of exercise for quite sometime, despite studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science at the time! When I began my physiotherapy studies, I also started getting back into running, and for the first time into gym. I injured my back, again requiring surgery. Safe to say I was pretty scared off gym and overtraining.

When I met my boyfriend who happened to also be an S+C coach, I was introduced to proper training- and weightlifting belts! I do a majority of training with a bar, and wear my belt for most movements. It provides the support and confidence I need when lifting.

Do you work full-time for By Amelia Rose? 

I get asked this a lot! By Amelia Rose actually started as my passion project on the side. I work as a physiotherapist in my private practice Ace Health Centre. I also run Apex PD for which I hold courses for physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.

How old are you? 

28 years (going on 60).

Who are the belts named after? 

The belts are named after 3 of my closest friends. Each of these girls have had an impact on my life and have helped shape me into the woman I am today. This brand is as much them as it is me.

How do you come up with the patterns? 

The girls after whom the belts were named actually helped me to design each of them. I then took these concepts to the graphic designer who was able to bring my ideas to life!

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up on North Stradbroke Island until i was finished high school and from then, Gold Coast was home. I am lucky that my parents still live on the island so we have a holiday house there waiting whenever we need an escape.

Did you go to university? 

Yes, I went to university! But not for business. I actually studied exercise science, physiotherapy and then stuck around for another year to do an honours research degree. I am so thankful that I did as I was able to travel internationally through my studies, meet incredible people and learn a thing or two.

What’s next? 

We have so many ideas coming to fruition this year. New products, new designs, new colours and as you know, a new photoshoot. I can’t wait to share these with you all as the year unfolds!

So there you have it girls, a few answers to those questions you asked! I am an open book and am always happy to share the behind the scenes of our fun little business.

Amelia xx 

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