How to know what type of weightlifting belt to buy?

How to know what type of weightlifting belt to buy?

How to know what type of weightlifting belt to buy?


Weightlifting belts come in all shapes, sizes, thicknesses, colours, and designs. For this reason, it can be both confusing and overwhelming to shop for one, particularly for first timers! If you don’t know why you should be wearing a belt, our friends over at have you covered. If you have, and you are after some more specifics about what belt is best, then you are in the right place.

How wide should my weightlifting belt be?

Weightlifting belts that are the same thickness the entire way around are generally more effective than others. The only downfall may be that they are less comfortable initially and may require some time to get used to. In order to match weightlifting regulations, your belt must be no wider than 10cm.

Is there a certain thickness that my weightlifting belt should be?

While shopping for a weightlifting belt, you will probably notice that there are a wide range of thicknesses and stiffnesses. In order to stay between the weightlifting regulations, you should ensure your belts are no thicker than 13mm. The thicker belts (10-13mm) are typically less pliable than others and again, take some time to wear in. However, if made with a high quality leather, should provide the ideal amount of support to help you hit your PBs. Some people will start off with a thinner, more pliable fabric belt to get used to the feeling of a belt while lifting. Eventually, upgrading to a By Amelia Rose Belt will be a step in the right direction for female lifters of all shapes and sizes.

What size weightlifting belt do I order?

On our website, you will find a table of sizes. It is important that you know your waist measurements in order to choose the correct size. If you are between 2 sizes, we usually er on the side of caution and upsize. This is particularly useful with bodybuilders who’s weight, shape and size fluctuate quite drastically. Remember, each belt can be resized to a variety of different lengths by changing the position of the buckle.

Does the colour of my weightlifting belt really matter?

Technically speaking, probably not. But when you consider the effect of mindset and confidence on gym performance, it certainly doesn’t hurt to wear a belt that not only helps you lift more, but also feel great too! By Amelia Rose belts are designed with to empower and inspire women to achieve their best in the gym.


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