January #ByARGirl

I am incredibly humbled everyday with how our community of #ByARGirls has grown into such a supoprtive group of incredible women. With my love of weightlifting, running, bodybuilding, surfing and anything outdoors, I have always dreamt of a way to connect women of all disciplines and it seems ByAR is becoming exactly that!

To honour all of the special women who wear our belts proudly, I will be celebrating with you one of our incredible ByAR Girls each month. A ByARGirl is fearless in her training, kind in nature, inclusive and supportive to other women and a proud representative of the By Amelia Rose brand. Our January ByAR Girl, Michelle, exudes ALL of the beautiful the qualities of a ByAR Girl. From our first interaction, she has been nothing but lovely.

Michelle is a 45 years young Toowoomba local. She competes as a fitness and sports model but as if that isn’t enough, is also an indoor netballer and has competed nationally and internationally for many years! She is hard working and disciplined, and despite her success, has remained humble and kind. Throughout the week, I had the opportunity to ask Michelle some questions to get to know her a little more and am very proud to share her responses with you all!


Tell us a little about you- 

‘ I grew up in a small country town and moved away from home at a very young age.  I’ve always been pretty independent and determined in the way I approach life.  I’m a quiet achiever – I don’t need all the accolades or fan-fare, I just get in and do the work and (eventually) let the results speak for themselves.  I am married with two teenage boys and have recently built a new home (in the midst of COVID).  I’m a bit of a creative – I love interior design, creating beautiful spaces, writing etc!  I’m an HR professional, currently working at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba.  So when I’m not at the gym, you’ll usually find me at work or running kids around.   Life is a bit of a juggle, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.’ 

My friends would best describe me as:

‘I actually had to ask a friend this one, as I am never good at picking words to describe myself! 😉  So here are a few: Kind, selfless, caring, authentic, warrior, a fighter, focussed, determined, driven, goal-oriented, disciplined, achiever, perfectionist, growing.’

We told you she is humble- and can absolutely attest to this!

You can find me on instagram at: @lynchys

CoachLiam Bygott, Integral Strength (Pictured)

Liam is an incredible athlete / coach who works both online and in person in Burleigh Heads, QLD and can be found on instagram @liam_bygott

Federations competed in: ICN and NBA

Biggest health and fitness achievements:’I’ve represented both my state and country for indoor netball,  most of which has been achieved later in life (in the last 5 or 6 years). I competed in my first ever comps (Fitness and sports model) this year, having previously thought that I would never be able to accomplish anything like that.’

Most difficult health and fitness challenges: ‘There have been many! Prior to my netball, I was a bit of a runner – I had competed at plenty of events like the GC marathon doing  the 5km and 10km events. One year I decided I wanted to do a half marathon and began my training …. but two weeks out, I found out I had a stress fracture in my leg and I couldn’t do my race. I was completely devastated. It meant no running and no netball for a period of time while my body healed itself. The opportunity it provided, however, was that I was able to get into the gym and discover weight training! That was the start of my journey to where I am today.

In netball, I’ve had plenty of setbacks.  I’ve had to do things the hard way. I started out being selected “shadow” for state teams and had to prove myself to earn a spot on the team. I’ve gone away with lightning teams (which is a second side), I’ve missed out on state teams altogether when I thought I was performing at a level that would warrant selection. And while they were all setbacks initially, what it did do is make me work harder, to be more determined and focussed to show people what I’m capable of. One particular year when I missed selection on a state team, I almost didn’t even get to go to nationals.  At the last minute I was pulled into a lightning side.  After the week long competition, I was then selected for the Australian side … from the lightning team!!! The victors and successes are so much sweeter when you have to earn them the hard way.

When you choose to make commitments to sport, it always comes with some sacrifices e.g. you might not be able to participate in social events or catch up with other friends as often as you like, people may not understand why you do what your do, they may not even like seeing you succeed, but in my mind, t’s all worth doing if that’s the stuff that sets your soul on fire!’  

Photo by Nelson Acevedo Photography https://www.nelsonazevedophoto.com

Health and fitness Inspo‘There are many! In netball, I’m spired by women like Laura Geitz, Sharni Layton, Kim Green, Ameliaranne Ekenasio, Laura Langman etc.

The mental toughness physical strength, ability and work ethic of sporting greats such as Michael Jordon and Kobe Bryant inspire me.

My coach, Liam, is a huge inspo for me.  He practices what he preaches and displays many of the traits that I admire in people – discipline, focus, commitment and genuinely wanting to see people succeed and achieve their goals.

Other inspiration comes from people like Sophie Guidolin, Demi Jeffreys, Lauren Simpson, Courtney Health and Fitness – women who show that you can be strong AF but still feminine, that you can be incredibly successful but still face set backs and challenges.   But I’m also inspired by every day heroes who are all working toward their own personal goals, improving themselves little by little.’

Motivators for training‘My motivators for training have been largely driven by my sports over the years – working to keep my body strong so that it’s in the possible possible shape to perform when I’m on the court. And fuelling it so that I can get the best out of it when I need. But I also love feeling strong, fit and healthy.  I love the mental strength, resilience, discipline and growth that comes from weight training. For me, training (and nutrition) is a lifestyle that I love to live, it’s the first thing I do in the morning and I couldn’t think of a better way to start my day. I love eating healthily and taking care of my body.  I’m also motivated and inspired by what the body can achieve if you put your mind to something.’   

Current health and fitness goals: ‘Currently I’m working on building up my calorie intake after competing in Oct/No, and increasing my strength in the gym. I want to work on hitting so PBS with my squat, bench press and deadies. And just enjoy it!’

Future health and fitness goals: ‘I want to compete again next year hopefully, and look to bring an even better package with improved level of confidence to the stage.  You never know, I may even consider doing a powerlifting comp down the track…. Never say never! 😉’

A few things that I believe and / or have learned over the years:

  • I believe that age is just a number and if you really want to achieve something, you can. You just need to believe in yourself and make the commitment.
  • Success comes from hard work and consistency …..& the rewards don’t always come straight away.
  • If you’re going to do something, do it well, give it 110%.
  • Your past does not define you, you get to choose how you want to live your life.
  • Other people will always have an opinion but you have to stay true to you and do what makes you happy.
  • Lift other people up, celebrate their wins (big or small).
  • Surround yourself with likeminded people, those who want nothing but the best for you and will support you in whatever you choose to do.
  • Be humble, be hungry and always be the hardest worker in the room.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable … because that’s where the magic happens.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Your mind is your only limitation.

If you weren’t already inspired for the potential that 2021 holds, I am sure you are after reading this!

While only our ByARGirl of the month gets an online feature, we love sharing you ALL with the world. If you want to be featured on our instagram, text a photo of yourself with or wearing your ByAR belt to 0438162677 and make sure you message us on instagram to let us know who we need to tag! Thanks again for all of the love. If today is anything to go by, 2021 is going to be nothing short of incredible!

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