March 2021 #ByARGirl

By Amelia Rose is into it’s 4th month since its humble launch in November and wow, do we have some updates! For those of you who have been following along, you will know that our Emily & Stephanie belts sold out in XS and are down to only one of each in size small. The beautiful Kelly belt is only just behind. We have another shipment currently on it’s way from the factory and I can’t wait to fill those back orders asap!


Our Newest Design

Our newest design is yet to be named but has already made an impact on our IG community! If you want a belt named after you, find us on instagram @Byameliarose and find the post below.

All you need is a ByAR Belt, a camera and instagram and you and our beautiful belt could share a name! 




Custom Belts Now Available

In other news, custom belt orders are now available! We have already made a few and have some more on their way. These are a higher price point and take a few months to create but we hear they are are well worth it! Check out PT, Lindsay Perry (@Lindsayp_fitlife) in her very own custom design.



Be in our next shoot!

We also have a few more products set to drop in May! With our help, you will be the most stylish and strong girl in the gym! For our next photoshoot, we want to use current #ByARGirls. The shoot will be on May 2, on the Gold Coast and is always lots of fun. You will get access to all of the professional photos of you and our other girls, from our wickedly talented photographer Isaac Insoll. If you want to be chosen to be in our shoot, post a selfie of you in/with your belt and what it means for you to be a #ByARGirl. Take @Kate_fit_life_ as an example



That’s enough about us. It’s time to reveal the March #ByARGirl!

Introducing Olivia Wachter 

Described by her friends as a quiet achiever, Olivia (Liv) might seem super calm and chill at the gym, but believe me when I say, she is a force to be reckoned with! This 18 year old strong woman started training nearly 2 years ago at the young age of 16. Despite excelling at Strongman at such a young age, this Melbourne local still refuses to take life too seriously and is always down for a good time.
Olivia trains under the guidance of coach Michael Smits and describes his sessions as weird and wonderful. Intrigued? Me too! Check out his insta @smitty_powerbelly.
Olivia was nearly half the age of her oldest competitor when she recently placed first at a novice competition in Geelong last month- what an effort! She is inspired and motivated by her team members at Victorian Strength Club in Carrum Downs who are constantly pushing her further.
In addition to her incredible team members, Olivia also admires @hattieboydle (who doesn’t!?) but she also gave a shoutout to @nadema_fitnessfreak who shares great recipes and training programs.
They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Liv is absolutely a testament to that. At the end of 2019, Liv suffered a serious back injury which required her to take a step back from her training. As a physio and also back pain sufferer, let me tell you first hand how much this can impact your training and life! Olivia, however, took this in her stride, completed adequate rehab and is now back to normal routine and feeling better than ever!
Despite her incredible success in such a short period of time, Olivia still maintains such a humble attitude. When asked what the future holds, Olivia was quick to answer;
‘My goals are honestly just to keep consistency with my training and continue to become happier and confident in my own skin. Winning another comp wouldn’t be so bad either..’
So there you go, it isn’t hard to see how the oh so talented and incredibly humble Olivia Wachter earns the title of March #ByARGirl! I would love it if you could support our girls, as they have supported me. You can find her on instagram  @olivia.wachter but be warned, her profile may well convince you to drop everything and become a strongwoman.
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