Kelly Ankle Strap / Cuff
Kelly Ankle Strap / Cuff
Kelly Ankle Strap / Cuff



The “I want it all bundle” includes:

  • Kelly leather belt
  • Kelly velcro belt
  • Kelly wrist wraps
  • Kelly lifting straps

The lifters dream!


The Kelly bodybuilder bundle combines a leather dual prong belt, ankle cuffs, lifting straps, wrist straps, and a matching scrunchie into one package.

The ByAR weightlifting belts are by far the most stunning belts on the market- and designed specifically for women! They are adjustable in size to account for fluctuations that as women we all endure. Couple these with our matching wrist wraps and lifting
straps and you have the perfect gym set to help you look fabulous and lift heavy!

*Would you like to mix and match different styles & sizes? Please reach us at

Belts: Please measure around the smallest part of your waist (between hips and ribs).

Size Waist in Waist cm Length Thickness mm Width cm
XS 24-28 60-71 33 10 10
S 28-32 71-81 36 10 10
M 32-36 81-91 40 10 10
L 36-40 91-102 44 10 10


** each belt has around 1.5cm give or take. If you are on the border of measurements and aren’t sure, email us or message us on Instagram @byameliarose

The wrist wrap, ankle cuffs, and lifting straps: one size fits all.


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