Kelly Weightlifting Leaver Belt
Kelly Weightlifting Leaver Belt
Kelly Weightlifting Leaver Belt
Kelly Weightlifting Leaver Belt
Kelly Weightlifting Leaver Belt
Kelly Weightlifting Leaver Belt
Kelly Weightlifting Leaver Belt


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  • Tan leather
  • White stitching
  • Rose gold AR Belt
  • Rose gold embroidered detail



  • Leopard print suede
  • White stitching

Kelly Weightlifting Lever Belt

While she may appear reserved on the outside, get to know our Kelly Weightlifting lever belt a little more and her fierce and fiery nature will shine through. Her passion for life and is contagious and she is excited by any opportunity to grow, improve, and empower. She is the girl in the gym correcting a newbies technique without them even asking. She is sharing equipment at peak hours. Kelly doesn’t care where you come from or if your shoes match your socks, she is there to workout and supports other girls with dreams as big as hers!

By Amelia Rose products are designed to be worn with pride! You can mix and match patterns, but more often than not, girls opt for an entire pack. If you want to save money and still get your hands on the worlds’ most stunning weightlifting gear, why not check out our bundle options! We have bundles for powerlifters, olympic lifters, crossfitters, bodybuilders and strongwomen; the perfect bundle for absolutely everyone!

Our Weightlifting Leaver Belts are made from the highest quality leather. Our Kelly Weightlifting Lever Belt belt is 10mm x 10mm. Each of our weightlifting lever belts fit the regulations for all powerlifting and olympic lifting federations (excluding IPF). They perfect for the girl who not only wants to look the part but also gets their next PB.

Don’t be fooled though, our Kelly Weightlifting Leaver Belt is not exclusive to powerlifters! They are the perfect belt for any girl who is aiming for PBs. If love to squat, deadlift, OHP, bench, or do any of their variations, you need one of these belts in your life! You can thank us later.

Contact us for more information. 

Please measure around the smallest part of your waist (between hips and ribs).

Size Waist in Waist cm Length (inches) Thickness mm Width cm
XS 24-28 60-71 33 10 10
S 28-32 71-81 36 10 10
M 32-36 81-91 40 10 10
L 36-40 91-102 44 10 10
XL 38-45 96 - 114 47.5 10 10
XXL 40-47 101-119 49 10 10


** each belt has around 1.5cm give or take. If you are on the border of measurements and aren’t sure, email us or message us on Instagram @byameliarose

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